[ETS2] SRI Lightbox Pack

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Customize your truck with SRI Lightboxes!

SRI Lightbox Pack (Game version 1.40+) (Free lifetime updates!)


  • SRI AeroSignLED (125×30, 140×40)
  • SRI AeroSlimLED (125×30, 160×30)
  • SRI ClassicSignLED (130×20, 130×30, 140×40)
  • SRI FrontSignLED (138×23 Next Gen, 175×31 RJL, 180×28 Next Gen)
  • SRI TripleSignLED (97×26 BRED LAST, LANG LAST + custom, both painted and aluminium)

Note: All lightboxes come in two versions, white (SRI Skin is default) and orange (JS skin is default). Orange is harder to skin since it requires lightmask.


Supported trucks:

Supported lightpacks (Place under lightbox in mod manager):


Follow the rules: Do not resell, reupload, share or trade the mod!

Archive is locked to prevent stealing of contents from the mod!


How to install

  1. Download .scs file
  2. If your download turns into a .zip, you need to extract it, if not, skip this step
  3. Move the .scs file intoΒ Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod/
  4. Open the game, go to mod manager and enable the mod
  5. Enjoy πŸ˜€

How to skin



  • First release


  • Added support for H&W Scania Next Gen T-Cab
  • Added michelin slots for 160×30 AeroSlim
  • Added 140×40 AeroSign to slots
  • New mod icon


  • Added support for Scania S Longline by Skimo
  • Added support for Scania T Longline by Skimo
  • Fixed Orange variant of 130×20 “ClassicSignLED”


  • Added support for Ford Trucks F-MAX
  • Updated for new material system (1.48+)
  • Reskinned all old JS Truckstyling lightboxes to new logo


  • Added support for Volvo FH3 by Johnny244
  • Lightmask improvements on default skins
  • BC-Exterior Belka Accessory has been made compatible from the author, no more def-edits are included from me to make it work, im also working on getting other people to make their lightpacks compatible.

13 reviews for [ETS2] SRI Lightbox Pack

  1. Vaak Zwart (verified owner)

    Cheap, good quality, 10/10

  2. Renaud Nathanael (verified owner)

    Vraiment un travail magnifique pour juste 5€

  3. BabyWolf (verified owner)

    Very nice and good mod for only 5 euros. Also a good guide on how to customize it.

  4. AvM Transport (verified owner)

    πŸ‡³πŸ‡΄ AvM Transport bedankt! πŸ‡³πŸ‡±
    Top quality lightboxes!

  5. titos123q (verified owner)

    As always top quality !!!

  6. jopflaume (verified owner)

    The mod is great!
    For 5€ you get 7 different lightboxes that you can skin as you like and which are compatible with a variety of trucks. The quality is really high, which you can tell by the fact that the lightboxes are really attached to all the trucks. The possibility to switch between the white and orange lightmask makes the mod even better in my opinion and overall a must-have.
    I look forward to further updates and want to thank you for the great work! <3

  7. johan (verified owner)

    just remarkible

  8. Natalia Semenova (verified owner)

    wait for volvo fh4!

  9. john snow (verified owner)

    all my wishes came true. just wow. thanks for your amazing work!

  10. Szymon Z (verified owner)

    best lightbox mod

  11. Stefan Padrak (verified owner)

    how to get the mod in winrar?

    • JS Truckstyling

      Right click > open with > winrar

  12. Matthias Schumertl (verified owner)

    There is nothing better than that!

  13. Snebbi (verified owner)

    Very beautiful lightbox! Love it! Thanks for this lightbox JS πŸ™‚ <3

    PS: JS Truckstyling have one of the best websites too

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[ETS2] SRI Lightbox Pack
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